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Toweling off with bamboo and snuggling up at night under sheets colored with fiber-reactive dyes is a whole lot cozier than it sounds -- and that's good news for the earth. Typical linens are made with conventional cotton, which accounts for about 25 percent of the world's insecticide use, including some of the planet's most hazardous chemicals. What's more, linen manufacturers often use dyes derived from petroleum (a nonrenewable resource) in a highly polluting process that leaves chemicals gushing into waterways, ravaging aquatic habitats, and clinging to the sheets, towels, and pillowcases you bury your face in.

Ecofriendly alternatives made from organic cotton now abound, and rapidly renewable fibers such as bamboo have expanded their reach with more colors and designs than ever before -- and they're no longer thin or coarse. Innovative technology and ecofriendly dyes help you stay green and still have your choice of luxurious fabrics, warm colors, and bold prints. Dry off with one of our picks -- the cream of the chemical-free crop -- and then settle into a cleaner, deeper slumber tonight.

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Loop Terry Towels
Soothe your skin with one of these soft, highly absorbent, and quick-drying organic cotton towels. Low-impact dyes color a soothing pastel palette of hand and bath towels, as well as washcloths. Available in white, sandstone, mint green, and buttery yellow, plus sea glass and clove, new colors for this fall. looporganic.com

VivaTerra Bamboo Towels
Made in wind-powered factories, these silky soft towels use bamboo, organic cotton, and low-impact fiber-reactive dyes. Washcloths and hand and bath towels available in ivory, sage, and silver. vivaterra.com

Indika Organics Anastasia Towels
Plant-based dyes and hand-loomed organic cotton create soft and absorbent bath mats, washcloths, and hand and bath towels -- plus oversize bath sheets. Available in five earthy colors: bisque, blanc, mid-putty, pale blue, and paprika. indikaorganics.com


Organic Bedding

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Amenity Organic Cotton Duvet
Water-based dyes create three nature-inspired patterns (bloom, willow, and the recently launched leaf). Lavender and amber join the collection of cream and cocoa-colored prints this fall. amenityhome.com

Coyuchi Lace Pillowcase
Delicate lace stitching adds extra indulgence to these soft, organic-cotton cases. Available in ivory and white; the crisp white comes courtesy of hydrogen peroxide (which quickly breaks down into oxygen and water in the environment), rather than chlorine bleach. coyuchi.com

High Desert Naturals Sheet Set
Sold individually (ideal for mixing and matching) or in complete sets, the rich incense- and sangria-colored sheets, shams, and pillowcases in the Simplicity Bedding Collection are tinted with low-impact fiber-reactive dyes. Both sheets and packaging (reusable drawstring and zippered bags) are made from 100 percent organic cotton. btcelements.com

Coyuchi Flannel Sheets
Made with organic cotton from India, these sheets' fine-balanced weave resists piling. Long made only in ivory, the durable flat and fitted sheets now also come in taupe thanks to low-impact dyes. coyuchi.com

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