Spirit of Money: Ethical Investment

How can I find a good financial adviser who will support my socially conscious values?

-- Gina J., P, Oregon


The best kind of financial adviser will serve as teacher, coach, and moral and logistical support for what you want to happen with your money. In addition, some financial advisers will help bring social and environmental concerns into your investments. These experts in socially responsible investing (SRI) can help you choose companies that have good environmental records and avoid ones that, say, manufacture weapons. They can also help you invest in funds that provide small business loans to the world's poor.

The best place to find an SRI adviser is the Social Investment Forum (socialinvest.org). You can also find SRI financial planners who are Forum members in the National Green Pages, available at greenpages.org or by calling 800-584-7336 (cost is about $12). Don't be afraid to call many advisers (they should provide a free phone or in-person consultation), and ask plenty of questions, like what fees they charge and how they'll help invest with your particular values.

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by Tracey Fernandez Rysavy

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