Herb of the Month: Schizandra

Place a drop of schizandra berry tincture on your tongue, and a flavor explosion begins. 

First you taste sweet, then sour -- with salty, bitter, and pungent close behind. But the fireworks don't stop there: The renowned five-flavored berry, used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, reportedly enhances the immune system, increases libido, supports fertility, and improves liver and respiratory function when you use it daily over time.

Where to Find
Look for schizandra tinctures and capsules at natural-foods stores, or buy the powder at mountainroseherbs.com.

How to Use
Take 1 dropperful of tincture or two 500-milligram capsules twice daily. Or add 1/4 cup schizandra powder and 1/4 cup eleuthero powder to 1 cup honey; mix well. Add 1 teaspoon to hot water or tea twice daily for optimal benefit.

Safety First
According to TCM, avoid schizandra (and other adaptogenic herbs) if you have an acute viral or bacterial infection.

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