Relationship Lessons from Lisa Oz

In Lisa Oz's new book, "Us: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships that Matter Most," she relates lessons gleaned from a lifetime of fulfilling relationships, including her most famous one -- her marriage to celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz.

She shares four easy ways to strengthen bonds with spouses, family, and friends.

1. Stop Trying to Change Your Man
If you want to change something about your marriage, do something about it yourself -- rather than trying to change your husband. For years, Lisa was bored and frustrated with Mehmet's demanding schedule. But rather than cajoling him to change, she set out to make her own fun, enrolling in classes, reconnecting with friends, and even taking up Kung Fu.

2. Have Real Conversations with Your Spouse
It's not always easy, but make a point of taking 10 minutes each day to talk about something more meaningful than cleaning out the garage.

3. Build Family Unity
A loving household can take many forms, but building togetherness means spending quality time together. Try creating a family-values document, designating a family date night, volunteering together, or putting on a family Olympics (a favorite in the Oz home).

4. Make Peace with Your Body
It's difficult to make peace with others unless you've made peace with yourself -- and that means learning to love your body. Negative feelings about the way you look can impact your relationships in unconscious ways, so be grateful for the physical blessings that you have.

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