Meet Tania Hannan

As the magazine's deputy health editor, Tania Hannan channels her longtime fascination with natural medicine and nutrition into the pages of Body+Soul. A graduate of Rosemary Gladstar's herbal apprenticeship and Advanced Herbal Training Program, she is also a board member of United Plant Savers, a nonprofit dedicated to the protection of endangered medicinal plants. To maintain her own health, Tania speed-walks with friends and colleagues, eats her weight in leafy greens every week, sips nettle tea -- and aspires to meditate.

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  • 4menow 11 Feb, 2009

    Tania-seems hard to get a response to questions on the message board looking at the dates from your last rsponses-so I will try here too. I am needing to replace the legumes with something else as I can't eat legumes. I need a suggestion that will fit wtih the detox plan. I took the hummus out and just added 10 almonds for the afternoon snack. I would love any suggestion for hummus replacement too. Thanks- Karen

  • teachdenver 10 Jan, 2009

    Tania- Can we ask you question (more personal) via this page?

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