What Is a Green Kitchen?

Everyone knows that we can help the environment with energy-saving lightbulbs and fuel-efficient cars. But what does it mean to be green in the kitchen?

Chef and restauranteur Alice Waters has devoted her career to the question, spreading the message of "slow food" and sustainability to restaurants across the country.

For Alice, eco-friendly cooking means adhering to a few basic principles:

  • Buying produce from farmers' markets or local food purveyors
  • Eating fruits and vegetables that are in season
  • Growing your own produce
  • Choosing organically raised meat and produce when possible
  • Supporting sustainable agriculture that does not harm the environment
  • Preserving local food traditions

On "The Martha Stewart Show," Martha discussed sustainable cooking with Alice and three chefs featured in her latest book, "In the Green Kitchen" -- Scott Peacock, Bryant Terry, and Cal Peternell. Watch the video to see what they had to say.

For more information about this episode, including recipes from Alice's favorite chefs, visit the TV page.

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