Taste Test: Organic Mac and Cheese

This classic, kid-friendly American staple has undergone an organic makeover, so we grabbed our forks to determine which brands taste best. Here, the big cheeses:

Rising Moon Macaroni and Cheese
Among its vegetarian offerings, Rising Moon's version of the classic combo boasts a delicious taste that isn't too salty. $2.69

Whole Foods 365 Organic Macaroni and Cheese
A subtle, tangy kick and hearty texture set Whole Foods' offering apart. It works well as a side dish or a main course. $1.29

Back to Nature Organic Shells and Cheese Dinner
We're convinced Back To Nature's shell-shaped pasta is the best for capturing all that cheesy flavor. This California-based brand ranked creamiest. $2.74

Annie's Organic Shells and White Cheddar
The first to make organic mac and cheese, Annie's dishes up a more adult flavor for this perennial favorite. Just look for the bright purple box. $2.49

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