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Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden would make fabulous cocktail-party companions. Founders of Ideal Bite (idealbite.com), an eco-living website that emails tips to some 100,000 readers each day, the duo can dish about everything from snagging stylish organic-cotton jeans to venturing into the world of socially responsible investing. (They could probably shake up a mean organic-gin martini, to boot.) "We want people to feel like we're their compadres in going green," says Boulden, 34. "We want them to know it's okay if they're not perfect, because we're not perfect either."

Since early 2005, Ideal Bite has served up digestible suggestions on making gradual green makeovers. Here we present their favorite eco-creature comforts for everyday living.

Reusable Bottles
Both Stephenson and Boulden believe that breaking the bottled-water habit is the best first step to going green. "Landfills are getting crowded with all these plastic bottles-it's so unnecessary," says Stephenson. With the help of an under-the-counter water purifier, Boulden replenishes her Biter Bottle (a limited-edition SIGG thermos made just for Ideal Bite) with clean H2O that flows straight from the tap. $20, idealbite.com

Recycled Dishes
Known for her divine dinner parties, Stephenson selects dishwasher-friendly bowls and plates from Sol Recycled Glass Dinnerware to create bright, beautiful, and modern place settings. $20 to $139, vivaterra.com

Bamboo Cutting Boards
The secret to stress-free entertaining, according to Boulden? Lure your guests into the kitchen to show off your collection of cutting boards made from durable, renewable bamboo-then have them do all the cooking. $9 to $59, this one from Bambu available at greenfeet.com

Compost Pails
Saving your scraps doesn't have to stink up your kitchen. Boulden's odor-proof stainless steel pail sits on her countertop. "It has to be super-convenient, or I'll forget to use it when I'm in one of those day-after-too-many-organic-beers hazes," she notes. $40, cleanairgardening.com

Recycled Note Cards
"Love letters mean even more when they're written on recycled paper," says Boulden of Mudlark's Petula Memento Boxed Note Cards. $15, vickerey.com

Neither Stephenson nor Boulden can resist a cute top, especially one as eco-chic as Lucy's soy jersey hoodie. Silky soft and sustainable, this knit blends soy and cotton for a casual and comfortable look. $50, lucy.com

Chlorine-Free Cleaners
When it's time to do chores, Stephenson polishes her sink and tub with naturally fragranced Caldrea Citrus Mint Ylang Ylang Powdered Scrub. "It makes the bathroom smell like a spa." $8, caldrea.com

Artisanal Cheese
You are what you eat, and "many people have accused me of being the cheesiest person they know," says Boulden. She loves Cowgirl Creamery, a California-based company with a line of organic cheeses. Starting at $20 per pound, cowgirlcreamery.com

Organic Wines
Stephenson and Boulden like to refer eco-minded oenophiles to Organic Vintners, an online shop that offers a range of vegan and biodynamic whites and reds, which are often hard to find at conventional wine shops. Starting at $9, www.organicvintners.com

Text by Elizabeth Barker; photographs by Johnny Miller

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