The Hidden Benefits of Biking

Biking is enjoying a resurgence in this country as Americans become more fixated on fitness and conscious of carbon emissions.

Whole Living senior editor Terri Trespicio notes one less buzzed-about benefit of two-wheel transportation: it helps us stop and smell the roses.

"We're so obsessed with getting from point A to point B, but using a bike automatically encourages mindfulness," Terri says. "You suddenly start to see the world around you and experience your community."

In your car or on the train, you're focused on a million other things -- the radio, your iPod, a book, or even your mobile phone. But on a bike, you have to be 100 percent in the moment -- you can't zone out. You begin to savor the sensual pleasures of bicycle travel, such as the wind blowing through your hair and the smell of fresh air.

For more ways to incorporate biking into your life, see our How to Ride a (Grown-Up) Bike suggestions and product picks.

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