Winter Skin-Care Tips

Cold winter weather can wreak havoc on even the most cared-for complexion. Ensure your skin stays beautiful and radiant no matter how dry the air or chilly the temperature with these practical tips from Palm Beach Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer.

Use a Humidifier
Sleep with a humidifier. Skin loses moisture to the environment; by providing moist air in the bedroom, you will ensure your skin does not dehydrate as you snooze.

Moisturize More ... and More
Apply moisturizers a few times a day. For maximum effectiveness, apply products after washing your face or taking a shower and when skin is still wet to lock in moisture. Ingredients such as petrolatum and silicone will help form a barrier against the elements. Whatever product you use during warmer months, go thicker: If you apply a lotion in the summer, get a cream for the winter. If you use a cream, upgrade to an ointment or emollient base. If you have eczema or psoriasis and are using a topical medication, ask your dermatologist to switch you to a thicker formulation for the winter months.

Reduce Bath Time
Take shorter showers and baths -- and if possible, lower the temperature of the water to help keep natural oils in your skin.

Do Away with Drying Products

Decrease or eliminate your use of astringents and other drying products. If you are using topical medications such as antibiotics, switch from an alcohol-based gel or solution to a cream-based lotion or cream, which will be less drying.

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