Sustainable Architecture with Allan Shope

Architect Allan Shope is setting the precedent for sustainable living with his ecologically designed home and working farm, Listening Rock, in Amenia, New York.

The Land
Located on farmland that housed a state-owned institution until its abandonment in the 1980s, Listening Rock was in disrepair when first purchased by the Shope family a little over a decade ago. Allan approached the property's restoration with the philosophy of "sustainability on every level," and has since transformed the land into a combination organic farm and natural education resource.

The Education Center
Listening Rock's main building is now home to an environmental education center. Local wood is harvested and turned into artisanal flooring and furniture in the sawmill. The fields produce vegetables, fruit, and herbs, and everything on the farm runs on biodiesel fuel.

The House
Allan's family home, a carbon-neutral house, is the centerpiece of the picturesque property. The sleek, modern home produces as much energy as it uses, and thanks to innovative solar paneling, conservational lighting, and recycled furnishings, incurs no utility bills or maintenance costs.

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