Treeless Paper?

It's one thing to recycle paper to save trees. But these stationery companies skip the tree part altogether, bringing green ambition to a new level.

Textile Waste
Among the companies that have come up with innovative wood-pulp alternatives, Massachusetts-based Crane & Co. recovers textile waste for its 100 percent cotton stationery and note cards.

The newly launched Smock makes its quirky, graphic letterpress stationery from sustainable bamboo paper printed with vegetable, low-VOC inks.

Elephant Dung
The most unconventional treeless paper comes from the Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company, which collects elephant dung -- particularly suited to paper-making due to the animal's fibrous diet -- to create stationery sets and notebooks. For the animals' generous "donations," the company gives a portion of profits to elephant welfare groups.

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