Confidence Workout

The truth is, feeling and looking great have little to do with a number on a scale. Get your confidence soaring again with a workout that energizes you from the inside out. We've consulted fitness experts from three rigorous disciplines to help us craft an intense, three-step comprehensive routine that maximizes results in just over 30 minutes. By fusing Chinese exercise, Pilates, and weight training, it tones the body as it trains the mind in the power of positive thinking. By practicing this series three times a week, on alternating days, you'll boost your confidence and body image.

Confidence-Boosting Routines
Energize with Quigong
Strengthen with Weights
Tone with Pilates
Strengthen with Pilates

Experts: Lee Holden, qigong master and creator of the public television program "Qi Gong Flow for Beginners"; Body+Soul fitness and Pilates expert Ellen Barrett; Tammy Wise, creator of a program, philosophy, and DVD called "BodyLogos: The Tao of Strength Training."

Text by Genevieve Morgan; photography by Frank Heckers

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