October To-Do: Plant Daffodil Bulbs

Flowers should be like friends -- low maintenance and always wildly happy at your place. Nothing follows this rule like daffodils. 

October is the perfect time to plant bulbs in a sunny spot. They'll reward you (and future generations) with colorful blooms just around the time you're sick of winter.

What to Plant
Buy types that naturalize (gardening geek-speak for making more flowers every year), like golden 'Stratosphere,' delicate white 'Thalia,' and 'Actaea,' with its bright orange eye. 

Choose bulbs that bloom at different times, or a mix of colors and shapes. John Scheepers (johnscheepers.com) has a great selection.

How to Plant
After a few weeks of sweater weather, use a short-handled shovel or other digging tool to create a hole three times as deep as the bulb is wide.

1. Space bulbs 4 to 6 inches apart, with the fat part at the bottom, then refill the hole with soil.

2. Cut stems at the base, but don't touch the leaves until brown. Their photosynthesis allows reblooming.

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