Dream Rooms: Bed and Bath Makeover

When it comes to bedrooms, we all dream of a restful, luxurious, romantic refuge. A master bedroom and its bathroom are the most intimate rooms in a house, the ones where you most want to relax, indulge your senses, and prepare for -- and let go of -- the day. Thankfully, that goal has become remarkably easy on the conscience.

Virtue and indulgence might initially seem strange bedfellows, but in linens, as in life, first impressions can be deceiving. Sheets that could get by on sheer sumptuousness, for example, may have the added benefit of being organic. In fact, given the increasing demand for all things eco, there's almost no aspect of the archetypal dream bed and bath that doesn't now exist in some natural, organic, or otherwise socially redeeming form. You don't have to change everything all at once; the ideas presented here -- some small, some large -- work individually or collectively. It's your choice. It should, however, be an informed choice, so here are some basics, keeping in mind that there is overlap among these categories.

Natural materials, as the name implies, are nonsynthetic -- they come from plants or animals, like the breathable, long-lasting, skin-friendly natural fibers for bed and bath here.

Organic materials, like organic cotton, are natural materials that have been grown free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and are often manufactured without chemicals.

Sustainable materials, like bamboo, are natural materials that regenerate at healthy rates, preventing resource depletion.

Socially responsible products and companies, if not always eco-fabulous, earn merit by reviving handicraft traditions, treating people well, and giving back to the community. All of those elements appear in this bed and bath. Here in the bedroom, organic and natural bedding lends itself to a layering of colors and textures, like a striped linen blanket and an organic-cotton jacquard-weave blanket against smooth, white linen. A subtle mix of complementary colors -- the green tones inspired by spring -- gives depth to the room. The layering of subdued greens and blues starts with the carpet and connects the blue-gray trim of the bed skirt and the headboard with the tans and beige of the bed skirt, the duvet cover, and the chair. Green-gray walls and a natural-wallpaper "collage" tie it all together, while sheer curtains add softness and privacy. It's a combination of beauty, comfort, and consciousness -- perfect for your body and soul.

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Created by Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz; text by Abbie Kozolchyk

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