Expert Makeup Tricks

When it comes to makeup, almost everyone makes the same basic mistakes, says Martha's personal makeup artist Charlie Green.

Follow her simple guide to achieve a foolproof look, even on the hottest of days.

How to Make Makeup Last Longer
When the temperature rises, keep your makeup from melting by using a primer. Primer does double duty by providing a smooth "second skin" to work on and ensuring your makeup lasts throughout the entire day.

How to Apply Bronzer
Be careful not to choose a bronzer that is too sparkly or too ginger in color. Don't use bronzer in patches, and never apply it only to the cheeks. Instead, use a nice, soft, large brush to dust bronzer all over your complexion to evoke a healthy glow. To dilute application, try dipping your brush in translucent powder as well. Always stand back and look at your decollete and neck, making sure to blend these areas with a soft brush to avoid makeup lines.

Charlie used bronzer and brushes from Clinique; blush, eye shadow, and primer from Lancome; and eyelid primer and lip gloss from Smashbox.

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