Eagle Pose with Fly and Triceps Extension

Four minutes

How to Do It
1. Stand on your left leg with both knees bent slightly; cross your right leg over your left. In a modified Eagle pose, your right foot doesn't have to wrap all the way around but can be held above the floor or rest gently on it. Lift the dumbbells in front of your forehead with arms and elbows squeezing together. Keep your shoulders and hips square and avoid leaning forward or backward or rotating the torso. Engage right shoulder and back muscles.

2. Inhale and pull the right dumbbell out to the side; exhale and return to center position, squeezing arms and dumbbells together. Repeat with left arm.

3. Open both arms on the inhalation and hold. Exhale and inhale to get deeper into the mind-muscle connection with your breath. Exhale and return to the center.

4. Switch legs and stand on right leg; wrap left leg. Hold both weights behind your head, pointing elbows up and pressing biceps toward your ears.

5. Raise your left arm straight overhead on an inhalation; exhale and lower. Repeat with your right arm.

6. Inhale and raise both arms at the same time. Hold the position. Exhale and then inhale to enhance the contraction. Exhale and lower arms.

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