Behind the Scenes Video from Body+Soul

Here's your chance to get a sneak peek behind the stories in Body+Soul's April and May 2010 issues. 

We took a video camera along on three L.A. photo shoots with photographer John Dolan (his assistant, Sean McLaughlin, shot the video) to give you an idea of what goes into these assignments. They're a lot of work -- but also a lot of fun!

From the April issue, on newsstands now, this video features footage from the feature, "Stop Stressing, Start Living!"

We spent a day following Chris and Shannon Svensrud, who have just launched a line of organic infant mattresses, to see how they de-stress on the weekends -- gardening, going to the beach, even hanging washing can be a calming ritual for this family!

(Chris is pictured here with daughter June, 3; their 5-year-old son Levi also makes an appearance in the magazine.) 

From the May issue, there's footage here from two beauty shoots -- one about how to shed that extra layer of dry, dead winter skin and get ready for warmer weather; and one about how you can protect your skin from pollution's harmful effects. 

Finally, we included plenty of video from our gorgeous "Climb Every Mountain" shoot with Nanette Bercu and her family. 

Nanette is the creative director of John Paul Mitchell and she and her family, who live in Malibu, love to go hiking on weekends. In the May issue (which hits newsstands April 19), they offered their tips for getting in shape and hiking with kids.

We hope you enjoy this video, as well as the April and May issues of Body+Soul. For more behind-the-scenes info from our editors, check out the Whole Living Daily blog

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