Green House: Entryway

Tiles 'R' Us
Inspired by a design they saw at a friend's home, the couple created an inlaid, underlit, recycled-glass-tile mosaic "rug" for the front entryway. "The most ironic part about the whole experience was finding out halfway through the project that the designer was color-blind," Kearney says.


Better Boards
The custom-made credenza features wheatboard, a naturally occurring straw waste product binded with formaldehyde-free resin. "We have very few items in the house made entirely of wood," says Kearney. "Instead we opted for wheatboard and veneers, which cuts wood consumption down by a great deal."

Other "Green" Rooms
Living Room
Kids' Craft Room and Bedroom

Why the family that lives here had to go "green"

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