Ballet Body: Grand Plie and Warrior II

Tests and builds lower-body strength, encouraging a connection between the upper body and the core; builds stamina.

1. From your parallel position, step into a wide stance, or second position, with your feet turned out. (To find your natural turned-out position, fan the feet out without twisting the knee; don't force feet farther than they go naturally.)

2. Holding the barre horizontally in front of you, bend and straighten your knees three times, making sure to track knees straight out over toes.

3. To get into Warrior II position, turn your right foot out and your left foot in so that the heel of your front foot points toward the arch of your back foot (feet are perpendicular to each other). Readjust for a wider stance that allows you to bend your front knee, again tracking knees over toes. Inhale and lift the barre overhead. You can hold this position and breathe, or lower and raise the barre slowly a few times to keep the pose moving.

4. Exhale as you bend sideways to the left. Think of opening up that side of the body. Straighten up and repeat the bending three times. Repeat on the other side.

5. To finish, turn both feet in to face front and step or jump in to parallel.

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