Green House: Living Room

Sitting Pretty
"We felt that, if we were going to spend more than two hours at a time on a piece of furniture, it had to be organic," Kearney explains. So for the living room, she custom-designed the chocolate brown organic sofas from Furnature, which have a velvety suede feel to them.

Finishing Touches
The living room's many eco-accents include wheatboard shelving, the hand-carved Root of the Earth Bowl and Blackbirds of Happiness from VivaTerra, a ficus plant for purifying the air, and a nylon-free wool rug.

Other "Green" Rooms
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Why this family had to go "green"

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  • lmills2 19 Feb, 2010

    Where can I find that wall mounted media unit? Would be great for my tiny living room

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