Seaweed for Your Skin

Yes, it's slimy, smelly, and green, but seaweed contains nutrients that can work wonders for your skin.

"There are so many amazing things that seaweed can do for you," says Susan Ciminelli, owner of Susan Ciminelli Day Spa and Salon in New York City. Susan has seen its benefits firsthand -- her signature seaweed bath treatments have even softened the skin of celebrities and supermodels from Naomi Campbell to Linda Evangelista.

She describes a few of seaweed's benefits:

  • Eliminates excess water retention, removes toxins, and conditions your skin
  • Is a rich source of minerals and calcium
  • Promotes elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks
  • Deeply relaxes your nervous system, which in turn helps reduce stress

There are many ways you can incorporate seaweed into your skin-care regimen, including diet. Arame and dulse seaweeds are both popular ingredients in Asian cooking -- they taste great in soups or salads. Nori is best known as a wrapper for sushi, but crispy toasted nori also makes a delicious snack. (Find recipes that include seaweed)

There are also skin-care products that contain seaweed. Seaweed capsules are widely available at health stores. Moisturizers and creams can be applied directly, exfoliating and enriching the skin. And bath solutions allow you to cleanse and detoxify your system while soaking in the tub.

To purchase Susan's Algae Deep Cleanse or Algae Fine Powder, or to learn more about the benefits of seaweed, visit susanciminelli.com.

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