Green Etiquette with Ideal Bite

Q: When I bring eco-initiatives to my boss and coworkers, they brush them off as too difficult or pricey. How do I persuade my office to go green?

A: Start by convincing the boss that green changes are easy and cost-saving.

Refilling your ink cartridges at places like Cartridge World, for instance, can save you up to 50 percent. Setting all printer defaults to print double-sided can cut costs -- and paper consumption -- in half.

By requiring employees to shut down computers at night, your company stands to save $40 a year per computer. Even turning off the lights at the end of the day can trim the electricity bill.

To get coworkers on board, suggest changes that benefit them personally. Say they brought in their own reusable cups instead of relying on paper cups. Your office could put the money it saves on these disposables toward a company outing -- or, better yet, some plants to brighten things up.

Finally, post Ideal Bite's Top 10 Easiest Ways to Green Your Office in the break room to further inspire change.

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