3 Ways to Make a Frozen Pizza Healthier

Frozen pizza is "money in the bank," says Whole Living deputy food editor Shira Bocar: It's the perfect thing to stash away for a tasty last-minute meal. 

To give it a quick and healthy upgrade, top a plain cheese pie with a combo of protein and veggies or herbs, plus a hit of something fresh. 


Start with Amy's 4-Cheese Pizza (or similar). Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Unwrap pizza, and top with your vegetable and protein. Heat for about 15 minutes. Add your fresh ingredient, then serve.

Try a few of our favorite combos -- and then let inspiration be your guide.

Bell pepper + sardines + arugula

Or Try
Corn + rotisserie chicken + tomato

Or Try
Rosemary + white beans + olives

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