3 Ways to Treat a Post-Party Hangover

Q: How do I get rid of this post-party hangover?

A: Restore, rehydrate, and recover with these natural remedies.

Plant foods are high in antioxidants and other compounds that help reduce the oxidative stress alcohol causes, says Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, RD, author of "The Superfoods Rx Diet." To feel like yourself again, try a restorative breakfast of Oatmeal with Blueberries, Walnuts, and Bananas -- (omega-3s help reduce inflammation) and blueberries (packed with polyphenols and vitamin C). 

Pair it with a potassium-rich beverage such as skim milk or coconut water, which will help balance electrolytes, minerals we lose when we're dehydrated. By encouraging cells to hydrate at a faster rate, electrolytes help you overcome dehydration more quickly.

"Vitamin B complex supplements can help restore your body after drinking alcohol," says Evangeline Lausier, an integrative medicine physician. B vitamins keep your blood sugar steady while aiding the flow of electrolytes into and out of your cells. 

To mend any stress inflicted on your liver, pour yourself a cup of milk thistle tea (available at health-food stores). Also consider nux vomica, a homeopathic remedy renowned for easing nausea and other symptoms of excess.

Physical activity will shake off listlessness by jump-starting the production of feel-good chemicals such as serotonin. Even though you may not feel like moving, force yourself to take a brisk 20-minute walk. Afterward, apply a drop of soothing lavender oil to the temples or near your nose to help ease your aching head.

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