Side Angle Lunge with Concentration Curl

Two minutes

How to Do It
1. Jump or step legs about 3 to 4 feet apart. Pivot right foot out and bend right knee until thigh is parallel with the mat. Lower torso so the upper portion of your right arm rests on the inside of right knee. Reach left arm over head and gaze toward that hand. Hold one dumbbell in right hand (add another in the same hand for more of a challenge).

2. Engage your right biceps. Inhale and curl right arm to your shoulder. Exhale and lower right arm.

3. Inhale and repeat curl. Exhale, and then inhale while holding the curl. Exhale and lower your left arm.

4. Switch sides and repeat movement.

5. Return to Mountain Pose with Dumbbell Over Heart. Hold pose for four breaths.

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