Dream Rooms: Snuggle In

Here's a list of our favorite bedroom fabrics:

Silk, unwound from silkworm cocoons, is one of the world's strongest natural protein fibers. And it's one of the oldest textile fibers, long revered for its rich hand and luster. For function and form in the bedroom, whether in a comforter or adorning a reading pillow, silk is hard to beat. It's beautiful, durable, a top-notch temperature regulator, and soft as, well, silk.

Organic Cotton
Cotton is an any-season favorite for bedding, though its light and cool qualities have special appeal in warm weather. In fact, more and more consumers are choosing ultra-breathable all-cotton bedding over standard cotton-synthetic blends because it's more comfortable. Make that cotton organic, and you'll rest, sleep, and breathe easier.

No wonder "linens" were once the ubiquitous bedding of choice. Linen's hollow-core flax fibers both insulate and wick away moisture, providing all-season comfort, and its smooth, buttery feel only gets better with use. Sleep on linen sheets and pillowcases or read and relax with a linen throw -- it's one of the nicest in-the-bedroom fabrics you'll find.

According to devotees, nothing is better to cuddle up with than this "specialty wool." Traditionally gleaned from the silky-soft undercoat of goats living in the high Asian plateaus of China, Mongolia, and Tibet, cashmere is one of the world's warmest natural fibers, but its high-moisture content allows insulation levels to change with relative humidity. In other words, a cashmere throw might be the perfect reading-chair fixture.

Wool's superior wicking and insulating abilities -- the latter due to an abundance of tiny air pockets that get trapped in its crimped fibers -- prevent over- and under-heating all year round. That's why wool historically has been used in both desert and arctic climates. And a wool blanket or comforter is a long-term investment -- the fiber's elasticity and resilience will buy you years of use.

Pictured Fabrics from Top to Bottom
Silk-covered pillow with buckwheat-hull fill; organic-cotton sheet; linen throw; organic-cotton blanket; reversible cashmere throw; natural wool blanket

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