Stop Worrying and Start Living

Is there a solution to worrying besides "don't worry"? Certainly, the usual platitudes abound: Lighten up. You can't control the world. Everything happens for a reason. They seldom help -- so we set out to find out what does. We identified six types of worriers and asked experts including a Buddhist psychotherapist and a social-science researcher to show us how each type can get a handle on their hand-wringing. Chances are you'll see yourself in more than one of the following worry profiles -- and that's okay (we did, too). The goal isn't to pull the plug on all of your worries, but to better understand where they come from and start seeing -- and changing -- the effects they have on the way you live.

Types of Worriers: Which One Are You?
The Generalist
The Control Freak
The Fortune-Teller
The Existentialist
The Rehasher

Psychotherapist and yoga expert Stephen Cope, author of "The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker's Guide to Extraordinary Living"; Dr. Robert Leahy, cognitive psychologist and author of "The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You."

Text by Terri Trespicio; illustrations by Laura Levine

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Comments (4)

  • lyeung 26 Jan, 2009

    I love the Worry Girl illustration!

  • VioletRoseReiki 1 Sep, 2008

    As a Reiki practitioner on Long Island many of my clients are looking to relieve stress. Stress is truly killing us all. Whoever thought multitasking was a great thing could not have been more wrong. It's like we are tearing ourselves apart, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
    This was a great article and a very insightful eye opener.

  • lattulana 30 Jun, 2008

    I could relate to all the worry types......solutions sound reassuring, all about the here and now for peaceful thinking

  • NancyJoyce 3 Jun, 2008

    Great article. Would love a poster of the "worry girl".

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