Taste Test: The Best Natural Cocoa Mixes

A steaming cup of cocoa is not only a sweet end to a blustery day -- it's also rich in antioxidants. 

Our recipe developers and food editors did a lot of sipping to find the most delicious mixes with the fewest additives. And all three varieties taste even more amazing with these homemade chocolate-covered stir sticks.

E.Guittard Grand Cacao Drinking Chocolate
$9 for 10 oz., guittard.com
This one was "rich and silky." One tester simply said, "Tastes expensive."

Dagoba Authentic Organic Drinking Chocolate
$12 for 12 oz., dagobachocolate.com
Like varietal chocolate, this complex blend is "full-bodied" and "fruity."

365 Organic Hot Cocoa Mix
$4 for 10 oz., wholefoods.com for stores
Tasters found this convenient just-add-water packet mix "nutty" and "milk chocolaty."

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