Finding Balance with Margaret Roach

Have you ever wanted to just walk away from it all?

Author Margaret Roach was the first garden editor of Martha Stewart Living magazine, and eventually rose to become editorial director of all of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. But three years ago, she gave it all up for a quiet life in rural upstate New York.

As successful as Margaret was in her professional life, she craved an existence with completely different rewards: solitude, a connection to nature, and the ability to return to her first passion, the far-away garden she had been tending part-time on weekends for more than 20-years.

At first Margaret was paralyzed by practicalities: Where would the money come from? What would she do for health benefits? What if she missed her career? Or her friends? But the call of the garden quickly overpowered her worries, and Margaret decided to make the move. Settling into a modest 1880s farmhouse, she began the instructional blog A Way to Garden and chronicled her life-altering decision in the dropout memoir "And I Shall Have Some Peace There."

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