Reader to Reader: Your New Uses for Old Things

In May, we asked readers to tell us about their best reuses for old things in their homes. The winning letter came from Lynn Martin. in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. She'll receive a gift bag of lavender-infused skin-care products from Aura Cacia -- a $150 value! 

Lynn's Letter
"I like to use old tissue boxes for storing plastic bags. The boxes are easy to keep on a shelf or in a drawer, stack nicely, and work just like dispensers. I save the bags for my next rummage sale and for recycling."

Look for more reader letters about creative reuses in the September issue of Body+Soul -- or, read our green organizing blog.

This Month's Contest: How Do You Make Cleaning Enjoyable?
One lucky reader will win $160 worth of Method cleaning products, including laundry detergent, shower spray, hand wash, and more.

For a chance to win, tell us how you make housework fun. Look for answers from readers in our December 2010 issue.

You can email us or send a letter to Mail, Whole Living, 601 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001. Please include your name, address, and daytime phone number. We may edit letters for length and clarity.

Read the official rules for the Method giveaway.

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Comments (5)

  • MarciAnn 25 Oct, 2010

    If it's morning, I pick out my favorite coffee mug from the cupboard and brew up a great cup of coffee and put on either some contemporary christian music or light relaxing music. If it's late afternoon or evening, I grab a glass of wine, light some candles and put on some fun hip hop or my favorite country tunes. I actually look FORWARD to this time. It's relaxing, I havce quiet time to think, and I thrive on seeing the progress as things get cleaner and more organized.

  • dheydrick 28 Sep, 2010

    House work is not fun. However, our 5 yr old makes it a joy to clean the house because of his creative imagination. When he's having fun, so do his siblings and so do Mom and Dad. Don't just clean. Turn on some music, make it a game, and force the fun. That reminds me, our piano needs to be dusted.

  • realterrific 26 Sep, 2010

    I play 80's music and teach my little Maltese dog Lola how to help with the cleaning. I let her ride on the vacuum, and have her fetch things while I am cleaning and make her feel like she is a part of the cleaning team. After we clean, I enjoy seeing her face glow with pride.

  • sweetiepye 25 Sep, 2010

    I'd hate to reach for a tissue at Lynn's house and get a garbage bag instead!

  • Fruitloopz 23 Sep, 2010

    What is the email address? I can't get the link for some reason. Thanks!

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