Jump-Start Your Career with These 3 Questions

The key to reigniting career success is asking yourself some pointed questions. The answers will help you understand what you're good at, what you really want, and where you could be headed.

By Maggie Mistal

Where Do You Shine?

  • When have you risen to a
    challenge at work?
  • Where have you made your
    biggest contributions?
  • When have you received the
    most accolades?
  • When do you feel most in your element?

The Next Step
Make it a point to keep track of your successes, starting now. Begin a list of major accomplishments, highlights, and notable contributions, so that come review time, you can remind your boss.

Who Are Your Advocates?

  • Who is in a position to promote and/or support you?
  • Whom do you trust and respect most, and whom can you learn from?
  • Who might take an interest in growing your career?

The Next Step
Create a personal board of directors: Identify who inside and outside your organization could help you achieve your goals, and request a one-on-one. Listen, take notes, and send a thank-you. Remember to ask how you can help them, too.

Where Is There Room to Grow?

  • In what direction is your company or organization headed, and how can that translate into opportunity for you?
  • What tasks are no longer challenging and may be holding you back?
  • What new projects might you take on that could expand your skill set and help you move in new directions?

The Next Step
Revisit your list of accomplishments and star those that offer the greatest growth potential. Pitch your boss on why it's in your mutual best interest to make this happen. Be ready to demonstrate your results and how you make them pay off.

Maggie Mistal is a career coach and the host of "Making a Living with Maggie" on Sirius/XM Radio.

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