Lock In Moisture with Grapeseed Oil

You're probably already downing grapes for their antioxidants and Merlot for its high levels of resveratrol -- now it's time to feed those benefits to your skin. 

Grapeseed oil brings skin-healing properties to moisturizers. "Unlike other oils, which can be heavy or greasy, it's light, easily absorbed, and creates a protective layer to lock in moisture," says Janice Cox, author of "Natural Beauty at Home."

DIY: Make Your Own Grapeseed Body Oil 
Grapeseed oil is light, unscented, and mixes well with other oils and herbs.

Preparation: The easiest way to create your own moisturizer is to add oil to oil. Pick an essential oil with a smell you love (try lavender, rose, or orange), and mix a few drops into grapeseed oil. For a more complex formula, add herbs or citrus -- like lavender, rosemary, orange peel, or rose petals -- that you can easily dry out in a warm oven (fresh herbs and fruit will cause bacteria growth) and let sit for a few days. Shake before each use.

Buy Grapeseed Oil-Based Lotions 
A few of our favorites:

1. Jergens Naturals Skin Renewing Daily Moisturizer. $7; drugstore.com 

2. Aura Cacia Patchouli Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Massage Cream. $9; auracacia.com 

3. SEED Grape Seed Enriched Nourishing Body Lotion. $9; seed.alice.com


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