Meet Gail Blanke

Best-selling author and motivational speaker Gail Blanke has her own life-coaching company, Lifedesigns, and is the author of "Between Trapezes: Flying into a New Life with the Greatest of Ease." Her latest book, "Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life," releases in March 2009.

Blanke has appeared on CNN, Fox TV, "Good Morning America," the "Today" show, and on CBS 2 Sunday Mornings as a business and career adviser. She's spoken about antistress strategies on the "Whole Living Hour" on Martha Stewart Radio, has coached presidential candidates in presentation skills, and has given keynote speeches at Fortune 500 companies and universities around the world.

She has long championed women's causes, beginning with her launch of Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade, which has now raised close to $585 million; at the time, she was one of Avon's youngest female senior vice presidents. Blanke received the Women Who Make a Difference Award at the 1999 International Women's Forum Conference and the 1994 Star Award presented by the New York Women's Agenda. She was among the first wave of women to be inducted into the YWCA Academy of Women Achievers.

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