Strategies for Change

Whether you're embarking on a quest to lose 256 pounds like Martha's good friend and Arnell founder Peter Arnell, or simply trying to change a troublesome personal habit like biting your nails, these tips from Peter's book "Shift" will help you become your best self.

  • Use past experiences: Acknowledge your past experiences and embrace them as a starting-off point for change.

  • Collect things: Spur your memory with triggers that allow you to think back as you move forward.
  • Invite people to join your journey: When people are behind you, you won't want to disappoint them by quitting.

  • Use technology: Many resources exist online and through social networking; use them as much as you can.

  • Take risks and be prepared to fail: Remember, mistakes are only signposts along the way to success; use them to get back on track.
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