Practical Aging Advice from Tracey Jackson

As she approached her 50th birthday, screenwriter turned author Tracey Jackson found herself bombarded by a catchphrase that seemed to be on everyone's lips: "Fifty is the new 30." Tracey found this adage, focusing on a time of life already past, to be amusing but irrelevant, and set out to skewer the myth of endless youth with an honest appraisal of middle age in "Between a Rock and a Hot Place."

"Fifty is when you really take the first chronological step into a new era of your life," says Tracey. It's time to "let go of what was and begin accepting what is." Tracey advises every woman approaching 50 to take the time to determine where they are going, both emotionally and financially. And while you're at it, invest in a good pair of tweezers, magnifying mirror, exercise DVD, and some quality concealer.

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