Tone with Pilates

Side Plank
Strengthens your core, tones your obliques.

Opens your chest, the seat of your emotional self, to release pent-up feelings.

How to Do It
Begin in Downward Dog, heel-toeing your feet to the center of your mat. Engage your core and anchor your shoulder blades for stability, then rotate from the hips to the left into a side plank position, shifting the weight to the outer edge of your right foot. Put your left foot parallel on top of your right, or slightly behind. Extend your left arm and lift your right hip, keeping balanced and centered. Take five breaths in this position. Return to center and repeat on the other side. Repeat two or three times on each side; rest for one minute, then do another set.

Keeping your right leg extended, cross your left leg over your right, putting your left foot flat on the floor for support and stability.

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