Forza Martial Arts Workout

Developed by fitness expert Ilaria Montagnani, Forza, or "strength" in Italian, is a fast-paced, full-body workout that strengthens and sculpts lean muscles while training the mind to be still and focused. Incorporating traditional martial arts moves into dynamic, fast-paced routines, the practice uses samurai sword techniques to burn more than 500 calories in a one-hour class.

An aerobic, low-impact cardiovascular exercise, Forza teaches you to calm the mind while repeating the same movements and maintaining focus throughout a fluid routine using wooden bokken swords. Beginners use a lighter sword and perform shorter, half-hour routines; as you move forward in classes, the routines extend to a full hour and become more physically taxing. Forza can be safely practiced every day, though most successful students do the exercise approximately four times a week.

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