Low-Impact Exercise

These four simple exercises from Martha's personal trainer, Mary Tedesco, give a low-impact workout to the stomach, core, arms, and legs.

Squat with Knee Lift
1. With feet hip width apart, squat down and take arms out in front of you.
2. Stand up and take right knee up to chest.
3. Take yourself back down to a squat, and repeat with left knee.

Side-to-Side Squat Jump
1. Squat and jump laterally about one foot.
2. Jump back to original position.
3. Jump to the opposite side.

Push-Up with Arm Raise
1. Get on hands and knees.
2. Go to push up, then arm raise.
3. Take entire left arm up to side.
4. Come back down, repeat with other side.

Plank with Leg Raise
1. Get on elbows and toes.
2. Lift one leg up and hold.
3. Lower leg a little, then raise again and hold.
4. Switch to other leg and repeat.

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