4 Ways to Be Happier

Major life changes aren't necessarily what you need to be happy -- it's the little things that can boost your mood in a big way. Here are four everyday actions scientifically proven to help bring the happy.

1. Look at a Baby

According to a study published in the journal Neurolmage, women who looked at photos of smiling babies experienced enhanced activity in the part of the brain associated with pleasure. Try browsing cute baby pictures at allbabypics.com.

2. Sniff Citrus and Lavender

Both scents contain linalool, a chemical that seems to reduce stress by altering blood chemistry. When University of Vienna researchers diffused the scents of orange and lavender into dentists' offices, anxious patients reportedly felt calmer.

3. Make Your Bed

Making your bed is an easy way to create a more peaceful environment and can contribute to inner calm, wrote Gretchen Rubin in "The Happiness Project." This is because people are happier when everyday tasks in their lives are completed.

4. Listen to Baroque Music

In a university study, 63 percent of radiologists who listened to Baroque music such as Bach and Vivaldi were in a better mood, and half were happier with their work.

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