Kangoo Jumps

A low-impact cardiovascular workout shoe that reduces joint wear and tear, Kangoo Jumps improve balance, agility, and coordination and can be used indoors or outdoors. Though these shoes may look a little intimidating, they are quite stable; you do not need to wear protective gear when using them. Most people adjust to the raised center of gravity in just two to three minutes. Because Kangoo Jumps have rounded bottoms, it is actually easier to just start walking in them than to stand still.

Kangoo Jumps are wonderful for kids and overweight adults alike. An affordable way to keep youth active, kids' Kangoo Jumps in sizes 1 to 6 are all in the same hard shell, allowing parents to simply order a new liner as children grow. (All adult Kangoo Jumps cover three shoe sizes.) These shoes also allow heavy individuals to burn more calories because they can move in a more dynamic way than they would otherwise be able to.

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