Fit to Eat: Simple Summer Sides

These three-ingredient dishes are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and are low in calories. (Move over, macaroni salad.)

The arrival of warm weather means an endless rainbow of produce is finally back on the scene. Your supermarket is likely brimming with plump, juicy peaches, fresh ears of corn, and more, making the next few months "the easiest time of the year to get your nutrients from fruits and vegetables, especially vitamins B and C," according to Christine Gerbstadt, a doctor and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

Placing fruits and vegetables at the center of summer's side dishes is a natural way to maximize the pickings. It's also a means of trading the season's traditional mayonnaise-laden salads and sweetened slaws for healthy, high-fiber alternatives.

Best of all, when produce is at its peak, it doesn't need much help from the cook. Each of these recipes has only three main ingredients and most need just a few basic seasonings, so they take little time to make. Some require minimal cooking, and others get just a toss -- a bonus when it's sweltering.

While the sides are simple, they are anything but ordinary. Crushing peas with mint to form a chunky base for potato salad puts a healthy spin on a classic. And grilled pineapple, cucumber, and basil make a tasty, antioxidant-rich salad. So bring on the side dishes -- and the side benefits.

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