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  • Chris Stas 23 Jun, 2012

    for washing your dingy whites... try soaking them in Shout.

  • Chris Stas 23 Jun, 2012

    for the dingy white sheets.. try soaking them in Shout.

  • Chris Stas 23 Jun, 2012

    Enter your review...

  • mlebug 12 May, 2011

    Yellow Tinge - should be White sheets:

    You can try Hydrogen Peroxide. I have even seen Chlorine- Free Bleach which is simply Hydrogen Peroxide. 1 tbspn of 70% Hydrogen peroxide per laundry load.

    I have also used 1 cup of lemon juice to brighten whites. Sadly, my husband stills prefers chlorine bleach to all the alternatives I try to get him to use.

  • lecostley 10 May, 2011

    Any one have any ideas for getting the yellow tinge out of once white sheets? I love them but they are getting dingy.

  • movinup2842 9 Jan, 2011

    One item that was not on the list for polishing stainless steel, is mineral oil...I put a small amount on a terry cloth rag, and wipe all of the bathroom sink fixtures, as well as my appliances in the kitchen...you'll never try anything else! another great use, for the mineral oil, is if your plastic lminate countertops or scratches, try rubbing the mineral oil onto the plastic laminate, let it set then wipe.

  • faeriegothmother 22 Mar, 2009

    Steam IS awesome- but those steam appliances can be expensive.
    Plain white vinegar has always done the trick with my toilet bowl. Scrub it often to keep it from staining. I would probally try some baking soda to get stubborn stains.

  • faeriegothmother 22 Mar, 2009

    I think tea Tree oil is a lot safer than a man-made chemical.
    Rinse it throughly. I have a bunch of cats, and never had any problems.
    I use Tea Tree directly on MY OWN face- never had any problems.

  • GwenHex 3 Mar, 2009

    I'm all for the environment, but we have to keep in mind NATURAL DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN BETTER. There has been countless hours devoted to the chemicals made and they are constantly improving. I don't want to risk the tea tree oil with my five cats just to save the environment. convenience and safety come first.

  • terripizzu 2 Mar, 2009

    Clorox Bleach is actually made from Salt (sodium hypochlorite) and breaks down to salt... so very natural all in all. I also love the GreenWorks natural cleaners - they work great and are 99% natural!!! They also smell really good.

  • AnneG 2 Mar, 2009

    Beware - Tea tree oil is highly toxic to cats if ingested! It attacks their liver - some cats are fine but I wouldn't take the chance. My cat loves to hang out in the shower when there is water to drink so make sure you monitor your pets if you choose to use these cleaning solutions.

  • hamsterslug 2 Mar, 2009

    Baking soda and lemon juice are not chemicals.

  • sweet710 25 Feb, 2009

    What about toilet bowl (very yellowish one), any idea?

  • mjSVCA 23 Feb, 2009

    I think you have over looked a very important "cleaning agent" -- steam. With my steam cleaner and a microfiber cloth I can do anything shown here with no purchases of any chemical -- natural or otherwise -- and everything I clean is also sterilized.

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