How to Stock an Organic Home Bar

According to Velco Farina, owner of New York City's Gustorganics, the nation's first restaurant with a certified-organic bar.

Begin with the Basics

Every bar needs the staples. You might try Prairie Organic vodka, Juniper Green gin, Puro Verde tequila, and Papagayo rum. These organic liquors satisfy most tastes -- for martinis, margaritas, and so on. There's also an organic Scotch: Highland Harvest. In my experience, organic spirits tend to be less intoxicating and cause fewer hangovers, probably because they are free of chemicals, including pesticides.

Think About Mixers

When making drinks with freshly squeezed or blended fruits and vegetables, it's especially important to go organic -- I think they taste so much better. Be sure you have organic lemons, limes, oranges, celery, mint, and strawberries. It's also always fun to throw in something seasonal and less obvious. When it comes to traditional mixers like tonic water, we use organic Bionade sodas instead. And rather than triple sec, we add a little bit of freshly squeezed orange juice and agave.

Have the Right Appliances

Since you'll be using more fruits and vegetables, it's important to have a juicer, or, barring that, a blender and a muddler, so that you can mash up ingredients.

Know One Great Recipe

In the summer, for example, try mixing one part orange juice, one part blended strawberries or peaches, one part vodka, and a few muddled mint leaves. Serve the drink on the rocks, with a sliver of a peach or strawberry for garnish. Pretty much any seasonal fruit can be blended with vodka -- just add a piece of it for decoration and make sure it's all organic!

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