Green Your Spring Cleaning Kit

Planet-friendly products to keep your home naturally fresh

Try a Concentrated Detergent

One 64-oz jug of dye-free Common Good laundry detergent will last you for 96 loads.

Ensure Eco-Clean Dishes

These automatic dishwasher packs fight stuck-on food without phosphates or chlorine.

Sanitize Sustainably

Lactic acid in this antibacterial toilet cleaner lets you deodorize and decalcify without the usual bleach.

Get a Scrub to Suit All

Use the mild blend of limestone and coconut oil in Bon Ami's powder cleanser on any hard surface.

Buy a Better Brush

Dirty grout and tile don't have a chance in the face of Full Circle's bamboohandled brush.

Use a Just-Add-Water Window Wash

Bio+Green Crystals glass cleaner means a streak-free surface with no harsh chemicals.
$6 per sachet, biogreencrystals.com

Prolong the Life of Activewear

Plant-derived surfactants in this wash are gentle on sports fabrics, while veggie extracts remove odor.

Ditch the Paper Towels

MUekitchen's reusable cloth, with a built-in scrubber, dries quickly to reduce bacteria buildup.
mukitchen.com for stores

Preserve Your Floors

Vegetable oils and mineral agents are the secret ingredients in this wood floor cleaner.

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