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  • 3 Mar, 2012

    I had a huge cauliflower so I made half of it the plain way and it was really great! It didn't even taste like cauliflower and was nice and crunchy!

  • 10 Feb, 2012

    Awesome dish!

  • 26 Jan, 2012

    Delicious! This is going into my repertoire. I made it the 'plain' way, then tossed it with some halved grape tomatoes and balsamic before serving. This last addition even had my "I don't like cauliflower" boyfriend eating it. Thanks for a healthy low maintenance idea. Love LSQ!

  • 8 Aug, 2011

    I enjoyed this very much. As a vegetarian main course I served it over flavorful brown rice and topped it with crumbled blue cheese and toasted nuts. It was very good. Thanks!

  • 2 Dec, 2010

    AWESOME! I love this recipe. Great combination of flavors. I made the fancy version and I will never just steam cauliflower again. :)

  • 22 Nov, 2010

    So simple it almost makes itself. Amazing flavor and everyone, even cauli-haters, become addicted to it.

  • 17 Nov, 2010

    Delicious for last night's dinner party, easy to prepare and clean up, one baking sheet. My boyfriend has always been cauliflower-averse, and he is a changed man! He was going back for seconds, and disappointed when there were none left! Thank you Lucinda! I love you and your show.

  • 9 Nov, 2010

    This dish is AMAZING!! What great flavor!!!