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  • nmirtsch 7 Jun, 2010

    @corrin86 - are u sure ur not meaning roaccutane, the acne drug?

  • Bride2BEmily 2 Jun, 2010

    I wish they listed the name of the lip color the model is wearing, I love it! Anyone have any guesses?

  • ekadekaqueen 29 May, 2010

    I am very surprised they're not mentioning the important fact that make-ups or powders with SPF will reflect in photos and make your face look shiny!

  • Charlotte19 28 May, 2010

    I think it depends where you are in regard to getting Accutane. But these days you can't take it without going on birth control pills. You are monitored the entire time you are on accutane both by a dermatologist and the doctor. Accutante also takes many months to work. There are lots of other choices to try first before going on it so i would go for that : birth control, retin A, differen to name a few.

  • stephanie4992 28 May, 2010

    You cannot get acutane as a prescription unless you've tried at least 3 other acne methods. Prescribed acne methods like clyndamacin, tetracycline, etc. You can't just walk in and get acutane. It's extremely hard on your body and should be taken very seriously. This comment is like saying you should go on chemo because you are hairy. Irresponsible MSW.

  • karlacrabtree 28 May, 2010

    Thanks for posting about the Acutane. My brother's oldest son is mentally handicapped and was born with many MANY different medical problems that the doctors attribute to SIL's use of accutane before she was pregnant. Please be careful!

  • loveandlace 12 Sep, 2008

    Watch the Accutane. It will cause birth defects if you get pregnant while taking it, and doctors say not to get pregnant for at least 2 years after stopping the medication. If you want to start a family sooner than that, I would ask for a different acne or skin medication.

  • bachatera 19 Jul, 2008

    thank you ive learned alot from this very streeful day thank you martha for trying to make our day beautiful thanka a million