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  • jvpasion 28 Nov, 2010

    This is one of my husband's favorite, during the year we sometimes have a mini-T-Day feast just so we can have this Shepherd's pie!

  • woollymama 28 Nov, 2009

    Just made it with pie crust, leftover turkey, leftover spinach, and leftover double baked potatoes, which I turned into mash. I really like it, but it still has to pass the household test. Now, have to figure out a good pasta sauce with turkey for tomorrow, and we will be done with leftovers :)

  • azeem15 29 Nov, 2008

    Oh, we love to do this. It's really great in a pastry crust as well - put the pastry crust in the bottom of a pie dish, pile on the thanksgiving leftovers, top with mashed potatoes. You could even put a second crust on top if you like. This is the best way to use up those leftovers!

  • drizella 29 Nov, 2008

    Awesome recipe. Soooo good. Thanks

  • arosato 28 Nov, 2008

    I have been using this recipe since I first saw it on one of Martha's shows and love it. I now look forward to this meal even more than the actual Thanksgiving meal itself!

  • DenaLouise 26 Nov, 2007

    Great idea !

  • Brenneth 24 Nov, 2007

    Coming from England to join my American friends for Thanksgiving, we tried this recipe the next day - it was deliciously WONDERFUL!! I did the same recipe for Christmas leftovers back in the UK - everyone loved it and wanted the recipe - thank you!!

  • netasaxton 23 Nov, 2007

    this is so easy and you can make this pie out of anything you want to make it different!!!!