Antioxidant Smoothie

Unsweetened pomegranate juice blended with mixed berries makes a refreshing and detoxifying frozen drink.
Whole Living, January/February 2011
  • Yield Serves 2
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  • 2 cups mixed frozen berries (9 ounces)
  • 1 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice
  • 1 cup water


  1. Combine all ingredients
    in a blender and mix
    until smooth.

Recipe Reviews

Reviews (10)

  • kellywoolard 4 Mar, 2013

    Today was Day 1 of my 28-Day Detox. I made the Antioxidant Smoothie for my breakfast. It had a great taste! I was NOT a fan of the fruit seeds, which seems to happen in all fruit smoothies, but maybe a cheesecloth or coffee filter will help remove the seeds for a better consistancy. Since this was my first meal, the first few sips were tart, but not bad. Altogether, it had a great taste. If I can figure out how to remove the seeds, I will have a winner!

  • roseleadfoot 11 Feb, 2012

    Great and healthy breakfast. I use greek yogurt and some water or milk to desired thickness. Pomegranite juice is available at Costco. Large bottle and it lasts forever in fridge.

  • skspillman 3 Feb, 2012

    This smoothie is delicious and so simple to make. I freeze them and eat them with a spoon.

  • bex80 9 Aug, 2011

    I didn't get Pomegranate Juice from my store. I couldn't find it. Is it ok to drink coconut milk in Week one?

  • livewithlove 4 Jan, 2011

    Lol - even in CA this smoothie seems wrong - way better for a hot, summer day.

  • juliejay7411 4 Jan, 2011

    I've been adding Hemp Powder to smoothies lately. I won't comment on the color it turns things, but it adds so much protein and has a bit of sweetness to it. Thanks for the avocado tip!

  • NickeyDee 4 Jan, 2011

    Add 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt....delicious!

  • susanwm 4 Jan, 2011

    I've been making a small portion of steel cut oatmeal and adding fresh fruit and a little coconut - it's still within the guidelines and warmer than a smoothie!

  • Pamer 4 Jan, 2011

    Does anyone have any ideas on what to eat for breakfast besides a cold smoothie on a cold winter's day??

  • Wayogini 4 Jan, 2011

    I added 1/4 avocado - doesn't affect taste, just makes it much smoother - nice on a cold day.