Summer Skin Care

With continued exposure to the sun and humidity this summer, it's important to keep your skin-care regimen optimized for the weather, says Palm Beach Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer. Here, his expert tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful this summer.

Go Slow
Don't shift gears in skin care suddenly. If you don't already use summer skin products, get them ready and start using them for a day or two a week, gradually increasing their use over time. Once the weather begins to cool, gradually phase them out.

Fix Existing Problems First
A new season can be marked by a new skin problem such as rosacea or eczema. Deal with this before switching to new products. Get a skin exam so that any early problems get corrected.

Avoid "Built-In" Sunscreens
Try to avoid products that have built-in sunscreen unless you absolutely need it. If you simply won't be able remember to put on sunscreen when you are going to be outdoors, and instead rely on a single product, then keep doing this -- it is better than nothing.

If you can remember to use a separate sunscreen, you are better off choosing a great skin-care line and a suitable sunscreen than going with a one-size-fits-all solution. By using two products you also decrease the chance that the sunscreen will irritate your skin on a daily basis.

Embrace Antioxidants
Try to use retin A or a retinol serum, along with a Vitamin C and antioxidant serum. These will help to combat the effects of environmental stress.

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